Clusters of Activity

Communities, Energy, and Oceans

It aims to promote a more efficient and intelligent management of energy, resources and services. It aims to promote decarbonization, through circular economy and energy transition, prioritizing renewable energy and moving towards carbon neutrality.

Health and Pharmaceutical

Support the entities of this ecosystem by providing analysis of the critical data generated, while maintaining the inherent security and integrity.

Industry and Maintenance

It aims to meet the needs of the Industry 4.0 era, through the use of innovative technologies, data intelligence, and predictive maintenance methodologies, enabling increased operational efficiency and productivity, and cost reduction.

Agriculture, Forestry and Biodiversity

It aims to promote the digital and ecological transition of organizations in order to achieve the goals of the European Climate Pact and Nature Conservation, and to provide an economically and environmentally friendly integration.

Together, we reshape the way we live.

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